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So, this is nothing new. 
I am really bad at tumblr. 

I have not posted in months. I haven’t even logged in. 
Perhaps, that is a good sign. Or a bad sign. 

Either way, hello tumblr. I nearly forgot about you, but not yet. 

Installing artwork is so tedious, especially when you’re dealing with a cement wall and restrictions! But what an awesome space to be showing my work in as part of the 2013 Artprize! Check out my series “Metamora : A Discourse on Depression” at this years Artprize in Grand Rapids, MI. Thanks for the little write-up Grand Rapids Press! 
On Thursday a piece of mine, Invisible, from my “Metamora: A Discourse on Depression” was featured by Artsicle! Not only is that a pretty awesome art-site, but they have some friendly people running the place! Be sure to check it out, while you’re at it browse through the crazy nice layouts and ArtPrize artist on the site.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Dear Spotify, 

I’m sorry to say it but we may have to part ways after all.



You see… I love musicians who bust their ass day in and day out to get gigs in dive bars, who pay for their own tours, and attempt to survive off of merch alone, just because they love music. Paying them the least possible amount in comparison to arena artist, or not offering them space at all on your service is the deal breaker in our relationship. Tom Yorke drives a hard bargain but I’m buying what he is selling. One Hundred and Fifty plays on Spotify equals a fraction of a penny!

Piracy may have “cannibalized” physical record sales and perhaps streaming is a cold hard relief to that, however, independent self-sufficient bands still struggle for decent exposure and minimal paybacks, and streaming services do not answer for that even at the most minuscule level. We truly live in an age of singles and streams, and it’s effecting more than just album sales in the “local” section of the record store.

Last night, I heard Davey Havok say he couldn’t believe how quickly the concert structure and physical/mental involvement dissolved in this new technology vaccum we live in. So quickly we pick up our phones to record. Recently, when a guy was pulled out of the crowd to sing with Beyonce, she had to tell him to put his phone down and sing. Perhaps he wanted to preserve that moment, or maybe he just wanted to post if on facebook for he could get 800+ “likes.” After-all the success of ones accomplishments are measured in “likes” now. 

A new thing is buying concerts online: purchasing live-access/post-access to a concert. No more standing by your computer anxiously awaiting the ticket sale to start, no more standing in line to get in to see your favorite band. No more singing along. No more getting punched in the back, being able to lift your feet off the ground without falling down, and getting hit with sweat from the bass player stage right. The dirty united love of the concert experience is disappearing? 

It’s quite intriguing that much of this “social” media is incredibly “unsocial,” and creating an empty void in the music making and music listening community. We truly are “alone together.” 


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